What’s for Dinner this Week (after being sick for 5 days)?

So I’ve been sick since Friday night, and my cooking/eating habits have basically halted since then. Well, I’ve still been cooking, but half way through the cooking process, it all looks utterly unappetizing and I end up eating very little if anything of it.

Being sick sucks.

But hey! It’s over! Well, mostly over. And my appetite is back! For this week’s menu, there are a couple of burgers recipes and of course, some Italian dishes. Lots of yummy comfort foods.

Today I’m having a yummy Portobello burger, much like this one, but instead of avocado, bacon, and tomato, I smother it with a romesco sauce. The avocado and tomatoes can be found in the salad. The bacon however, is completely nixed.

Tuesday (Today): Portobello Burgers with Romesco Sauce and Avocado-Spinach Salad
Wednesday: Lemon-Basil Pork Chops with Feta-Spinach Salad
Thursday: Italian Burgers with Parmesan Fries
Friday: Sausage Bolognese and Italian bread
Saturday: Baked Ziti with Garlic Knots

This week I saved by:

  • Dividing the buns between the two types of burgers
  • Dividing the spinach between the two salads
  • Using jarred roasted bell peppers that have been sitting in the fridge to make the romesco
  • Dividing two packages of Italian sausage to make the last three meals
  • Preparing the baked ziti in two small cake pans and freezing one of them for next week
  • Buying a 4-pack of pork chops and freezing two for next week
  • Making a big batch of tomato sauce for the last two dishes
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